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 Press Metal Berhad is a Malaysian-based aluminium company with extensive global presence. From our modest beginnings as a private owned local aluminium extrusion company in 1986, Press Metal has come a long way to becoming a public listed global integrated aluminium player today – with a 200,000 metric tonnes per annum of remelt capacity and 160,000 metric tonnes per annum of aluminium extrusion capacity.  Press Metal is the leading aluminium extruder in South East Asia with a 40,000 metric tonnes per annum of aluminium extrusion capacity, complete with in-house tool and dies shop – offering customers a quick turnaround services. Additionally, our plant is also equipped with modern surface finishing facilities that provide an extensive range of surface finishes – anodize, powder coating and bright dip.  Our subsidiary in Foshan, China i.e. Press Metal International Limited, is one of the biggest exporters of aluminium products in China for 2007. Sitting on 760,000 square meters of land and with an investment of USD160 million, this plant currently has an aluminium capacity of 100,000 metric tonnes per annum generated from its 22 aluminium presses (with size of extrusion presses ranging up to 4,000 metric tonnes), 3 paint lines, 2 PVDF lines, an anodizing line, a bright dip line and a fabrication plant. It is foreseen that by 2010, this plant would house a total of 40 presses, together with its extrusion capacity reaching 200,000 metric tonnes per annum.

In addition, Press Metal via its subsidiary in Wuhan has also built an aluminium extrusion plant initially equipped with 8 extrusion presses, an anodizing line and a paint line to further expand our aluminium capacity by another 50,000 metric tonnes. This aluminium extrusion plant also complements our smelter in Wuhan which has a 204 electrolysis cells generating a production capacity of 100,000 metric tonnes of aluminium ingots and aluminium billets.  Our Wuhan subsidiary also owns and operates a power plant with a capacity of 1.2 billion kilowatt for our smelter consumption.  With more than 10 years of history under our belt, Press Metal overseas operations have firmly carved a niche in the global market and continue to expand. From our initial operational base established in United Kingdom and Australia, our distribution centres have now extended to include Canada, North America and Middle East. Thanks to such local presence, we have been able to build strong relationship with our customers and cater for their needs and requirements with various solutions instantly.  Press Metal is building a new smelter in Mukah, Sarawak – the first ever aluminium-smelting plant in Malaysia. With technology provided from Aluminium Corporation of China Limited (CHALCO), the top aluminium company in China and the fourth largest aluminium player in the world, Press Metal has successfully secured 600 megawatt of electricity supply for an initial phase of 100,000 metric tonnes of aluminium smelting capacity when operation commences in mid 2009, with the target of an additional electricity supply, bringing total capacity to 300,000 metric tonnes per annum by 2010 / 2011 upon completion of subsequent developments. An aluminium extrusion capacity of 100,000 metric tonnes per annum will also be installed.  

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